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Exclamation All Bug Fixes Metro 2033 *sticky*

List of Common Errors due to system settings - installation setup

Step 1 what error are you having

A. error startup Crash, freeze at loading screen

B. Black screen at start up

C. can only hear sound but no video at start up

D. x3daudio1_7.dll not found error

if your having any of these Issues then this post is for you

First off let me guide you thru the following

A. how your computer should be setup
B. how Metro 2033 should be setup

A. Your Computer

please ensure your spec is above minimal requirments, so take the spec of your computer

CPU, Memory, Graphics card - Resources being used by apps you may run in the background

these apps could be the following

Office extentions, such as onenote
VueMinder Calendar
Winamp Agent
WinAutomation Agent
Tuneup Utilities
Malware Bytes
windows desktop apps

to name a few of the more common and uncommon ones you may or may not be running

now if such apps are taking up for example

20% cpu and 40% memory please ensure you have the remaining resources remaining able to run the game, also give a space of at least another 15% percent for running the game

also consider free hard drive space for virtual memory

now if your on this forum, i have great faith in that you got the system and system resources avilable to play the game

I may now also add while NO anti virus should cause any issues with a Game bought from steam

I recommend Microsoft Security Essentials to be the only anti virus i recommend,

*it takes the least amount of resources
*Is free so long as your OS "operating system" is legit
*is the best anti virus out there

that being said, if you simply dont like it, or for reasons i rather not enquire, wish to use other anti virus

Norton and Mc Afee should again have no issue, but norton is the most resource heavy of the two

AVG i can not recommend to the level of false positives it gives

If your system has the Capacity to play metro 2033 but so many apps are running that would take to long to disable and enable after each game i recommend

Tuneup Utilties as you can set it up to at a click go into power mode, disabling in a instant as much or as little as you like

which is helpfull

B. Setting Up Metro 2033

After installing metro 2033 you will be tempted to play it striaght away, now I have installed metro 2033 and 4 out of 5 times it does not work the reason being metro 2033 is not complete dispite it appearing to be 100% downloaded it needs several things installed and the game needs to dowload another update via steam

so follow this procedure for a quick gaming session

1, install metro 2033 via steam
2, after install restart
3, go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\metro 2033\install

this is where metro 2033 give you the addtional bits you require to play metro 2033

this will include
Direct X 11
Visual C++ runtime Libraries
4, attempt to run game, then restart computer
5, this should trigger a steam update for metro 2033
6, update graphics card
7, restart "ensure only one monitor is on, if you have more than one"
8, presto this should mean your game is good to go coz

Direct x is up to date
game is up to date
Physix is up to date
visual c++ LIBRARIES is up to date

so everything should be there and ready to go

this will ensure the full game is there so not just the start up movies or audio will play, this will ensure the graphics card is in sync with the game and up to date, this should also make sure direct x audio is fresh so no x3daudio1_7.dll error, and that all other things the game needs is there and avilable to it

finally you should have no problems

if you have a intel core 2 duo or 2.5ghz or above with a resonable graphics card and 4 gb of memory metro 2033 can be played with no problem

intel core solo, celeron, pentium D less than 2gb of memory, and under £80 graphics card of any era usually means your going to have issues, and the above wont help you the 1gb spec on the store page is only the minimum for xp, assuming you already have 512 memory free for xp, and a minimal of apps ie "one and thats the antivirus"

finally to those downloading the 2gb fix for metro 2033, on the other forums out there and it works thats because your copying a chunk of the completed downloaded game and replacing it over your installation which is about 100mb or so from a complete installation, system restarts after all the above tasks will trigger the update, and save you a good couple hours
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