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Quick Question: Server Saturation & Play Mode as Luftwaffe Available In Full Version?

Just DL the demo and I must say I was impressed... Graphics are glorious, runs smooth as butter with everything maxed (well as far as it'll let me go, Ultra settings I vbelieve) on my rig... Looks like a lot of excitement! I was looking forward to playing a bit online but Demo will not allow.

I had two questions, how is MP mode, are you divied up into sqaudrons with clear objectives and flight plans or is it kinda "every man for himself" type interface? Also, are servers still saturated with a fair amount of traffic, or has the game gone dead? If done right, I can see this game in MP mode could be a thrilling, MASTERPIECE.. (if done right, that is.. I still have yet to see)

Second question, quite simply, can you also play as Luftwaffe (German) side in missions? (SP and/or MP modes?)

Thanks a lot for any responses.
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I have the same question about MP ? I haven't found a list of available servers and I heard that theres no dedicated servers. If this is true than this game is a MP fail.
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