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Looking for Drakensang 2 + DLC

Drakensang 2 and the DLC isn't sold outside NA, so I can't buy it myself. I'm looking for someone to trade with, I have the following to offer:

-25% Valve
-33% id Superpack
-33% Skyrim
-50% Altitude
-25% Bethesda
-50% Fallout 3
-50% GTA: Vice City
-50% Killing Floor
-50% Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath
-50% Patrician IV
-50% SteelStorm 4pack
-50% Tales of Monkey Island
-50% Trauma
-50% Universe Sandbox

The Secret of Monkey Island SE
King's Bounty: The Legend
Runaway 1 + 2
Serious Sam HD 1 + 2
Serious Sam Classic 1 + 2
Frozen Synapse
Deus Ex: GoTY
Puzzle Agent

I'm posting this here because in the trading forum it will be gone to page 2580425842 in 5 seconds.
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Well, it's a difficult situation, i've looked around.

amazon.com (USA) sells only Drakensang TRoT
amazon.uk sells it too + Add On (that you mean with DLC?) Phileassons Secret-[German Import]

Seems there was no english Add On, because the game studio goes bankrupt at the end of Phileassons Secret..

And at least, i have Drakensang TRoT and can't chose an other language than German.

So, have a look to get Drakensang 2, best wishes to that
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