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I ran it first time on Win7 Home Premium x64.. not a problem...
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It works fine for me and I have Windows 7 - 64 bit system. Didn't even have to set the compatability to XP Service Pack 3 or 2 for that matter.
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runs fine with win 7 32bit. came right in to the game. just that my monitor is complaining with this message "NO OPTIMUM MODE. OPTIMUM MODE 1920x1080". so my monitor turns black after 30sec. and i thought they would have changed it for todays computers. why dint they build in widescreen support.

i tried other things to get around my monitor that it doesnt come with this message and i can play in peace without getting a black screen after 30 sec.
so i went in to the properties under compatability and it is already set to "NT 4.0". so i tried the option the game should start with the 640x... resolution, but it dint work either. it doesnt seem to save the options i have made in the properties. i guess steam somehow doesnt allow it.

i hope they patch this problem that it should be for modern OS as stated under the requirements and fix the widescreen problem.

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I just wanted to comment about Sheen_ES claims on the 64bit os, (be it vista/xp/win7) that software/games don't run as well as in 32bit. Games run better for me on a 64bit os, always have but I only tried Vista/Win7 with 64bit. Its not the software people were having issues with either, it was DRIVERS. This game runs fine for a friend of mine running Win7 x64 but it doesn't even work for me on my 32 or 64bit Win7 os, as I dual boot. I launch the game, black screen, thats all. My previous installation of Win7 x64 ran the game fine until dialogs came up for you to click on and at that point I couldn't click or activate anything. Again it was on both 32/64, samething. I have upgraded my pc between these two times which might have an impact on just getting a black screen now.

Back in XP 32bit times I always wanted to play a game called Faust. It was impossible to run properly on that os, the audio would not sync (one of the features the game hyped up about) and would break up constantly and lead to crashes. When I upgraded to Vista 64bit the game ran flawlessly, and no having to do mickeymouse work arounds either. Beyond Good & Evil is a great example to prove its not the software/game but the reason BG&E doesn't run off of a 64bit os is because of the drivers it uses for copy protection. Grab a version without any copy protection on it and you will see it runs perfectly. As well Still Life I suffers from this problem as well (both copy protection & playing the game), but then again it does have issues running on vista+, 32/64bit it doesn't matter with this game. Try running a codec pack installed with this, you might be surprised.
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Old 06-17-2011, 12:22 AM   #20
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I tried running it in compat mode, updated my video card and verything possible that I read from other web site, but still unable to get SL to run. I am running Vista Ult 64. When I run SL from the SL.exe aplication, I can see the splash screen come up then the window that says launching SL, then nothing. When I open the Program Manager, I can see that Game.exe is still running but the game does not acually play. Is this game not compatible with my version of Vista? Kind of feel ripped off; buying a game that I cannot play.

PS, I'm also running it on my laptop and ran the verify integrity of the game cashe (still nothing)

Also the game says it does support vista:

system Requirements
OS: Windows® XP/Vista/7
Processor: 1GHz CPU
Memory: 512MB
Hard Disk Space: 1.2GB
Video Card: DirectX compatible graphics card with 128MB memory
DirectX®: 9.0c
Sound: Sound card with DirectX 9.0c support

I have a quad core 4 gig ram Nvidia 9800 GT videocard. So my system more then meets the requirement to run this game.

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Old 06-17-2011, 08:23 AM   #21
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i got already a reply from support regarding at least my problem. he thought it would be a driver problem. so he gave me 3 links like dx 9, newest driver and C++2010.
my monitor still comes up with that crap that the mode is not good and that i should change it to 1920x1080. just you cant change the damn resolution in this game. the game as such starts fine. only my monitor doesnt allow me to play it after 30 sec.
i also feel ripped off that it doesnt work for days systems. why wright that OS is win7 when it doesnt even work for widescreen monitors.
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For the record, it runs fine for me in Vista 64 bit. It started up and ran with no tweaking required.

My set up:

Vist 64
GTX 285
quad core i7
6 gig ram

I just thought I should mention this in case someone is thinking of buying it and gets the wrong impression that it won't work at all with Vista 64. It does work with Vista 64, so if it's not working for you I'd check into video card driver problems or something.
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I to am having issues with this game but Metal85 i had a similar problem to what you have in the first Suffering game what i did was simply temporarily attached a second monitor so that my monitor wouldn't be able shutdown

As for Still Life I found that when it launches it will look like its not working then after a few seconds it pops up and runs perfectly i just have a bit of trouble launching it
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It doesn't even show up for me what gives? when I'm at the task manager it's there on my processes but no game at all so just like that other guy said how do I get a refund for this? :/
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