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how do I play soundtrack?

i just bought the bit trip runner soundtrack...where can I find my soundtrack files?
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You cant u have to buy the soundtracks from store.lol
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Originally Posted by rakisutaanime View Post
i just bought the bit trip runner soundtrack...where can I find my soundtrack files?
I know the way it worked with Bastion is the soundtrack gets downloaded into the games folder in Steam. Jump into the games folder (steamapps\common\bit.trip runner) and look around for a Soundtrack folder.
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Alternatively, right-click your steam icon in the systemtray and choose Music Player.

The music player can load mp3's from your computer, but will also show soundtracks from steam.

This is helpful given that VALVe released free soundtracks for many of their games for free.

Of course you can copy the MP3's from those locations and load them in your own mp3 player too, but this is the official way.

You can close the player while the music plays and accesses it from the steam-overlay.

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Just wanted to say thanks.

I was wondering where to find the music player on steam as well. I know a lot of the soundtracks are located under the root folders, but the integrated steam music player is AMAZING! Pulls most of the soundtracks I've got with the games I own. First thing that popped up was 7th Guest, you know I had to listen to that. And man I'm surprised at what they created for a soundtrack back in the day. Such a GREAT SOUNDTRACK, I cant say it enough. You guys have got to get 7th Guest, if not for the great game that it is/was (just because its an older game) then for the SOUNDTRACK! George Alistair Sanger, The Fat Team is apparently who made it, because that's the name which Steam Music Player pulls up. And if you get 7th Guest, you midas well pick up the 11th Hour as well, its the sequel. I played them when I first started getting into computers about a millennia ago heh. I heard there was another one made as well, but maybe that was just a rumor?

Anywho... really just wanted to thank you for pointing this out, hopefully others will see this and see its a great little feature in Steam. Didn't they just add this not that long ago?

Well, off to play some more and listen to the rest of the 7th Guest Soundtrack, OMG is it great. This is starting to sound like a plug for 7th Guest lol. Later, before it turns into that.

Thanks again!
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it's also possible to access the music from the game's files
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