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SOLUTION to the 'Ingame achievement but not on steam' problem


When I first started the game, I noticed the steam overlay wasn't active. I got a few achievements in-game, but they didn't pop up on steam.

This problem persisted throughout the past few days, and today I tried again.

This time, the steam overlay DID pop up, so I knew the connection was good.

But I still didn't get the achievements on Steam.

Then I started a new game, and eventually I got another achievement. As soon as I unlocked that achievement, all others got added as well.

So, to recap:

1. Make SURE your AI War is connected to steam. If Shift-Tab does nothing, you should first fix that.
2. Get an achievement. It doesn't seem to matter which achievement, as long as it gives Steam a reason to check on your achievements.

Hope this helps!
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Thanks for the info. That glitch was annoying. :-)
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none of hte achievements work for me, i got over 10 already just now in less than an hour play but they don't unlock in steam.
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There was an issue with one of the files yesterday, it should now be fixed. Jossyhadash, if you got the patch yesterday, once you get another achievement, it should sync them for you now.
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