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Cheat Codes

How do you enter these cheat codes? I try and they don't work.

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(Sorry if this is a bit late, but...)
They only work in the Windows 95 Special Edition, which you can buy for SUPER CHEAP on eBay(I got mine for £2.99, which is about $4.50), and it's well worth it(It has waaay more features than the DOS Version, like 2 extra levels, decent Gamepad Support(I cannot stress enough how much better the game is with a Gamepad), and a secret which allows you to skip "Pod Race"). Just search Earthworm Jim on eBay, and it's bound to show up. It should look something like this. But to get it working under anything later than Windows 98, you'll need to follow this guide. It only takes about 1-2 minutes to do, depending on how fast you can download an 111KB DLL.

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