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Thumbs up Got to say, I am impressed

May be I am sort-of late, but I just wanted to share my opinion on the game..

Just beat the story and played some multiplayer (I've yet to beat all of those challenges..), and to my surprise, it was a great experience. This game is well made with soul, and a bit of a silly-crazy mixed in.

While the plot IS ridiculous, it's well presented, interesting enough and funny at times to keep you playing. What I remembered the most is the amount of hilarious dialogue you get on every different vehicle with a passenger in it, as well as characters in side-stories.

The gameplay, while having kind-of-hard-to-get-at-first-but-then-I-master-it cinematic physics of cars, has a nice flow, ensuring that you will get both fun and challenge from each missions. Shift mechanic, while bizzarely introduced, makes the game feel fresh and exciting, and it was the only game where I played as that stupid traffic that usually hits you and makes you lose the race in burnout or mission in GTA. The only flaw in this - the game CONSTANTLY, and I mean CONSTANTLY, makes up rules without a well explanation to it. Why can't I shift into my opponent's vehicle, again? Oh, right, it would make the game incredibly easy and short.. even though Tanner became a demigod of some sort.
Even if it's a dream. But at least not rage-inducing like some of the movies/games ending with "It was all a dream!" trope.

What's also amazing - it works in multiplayer. It's also fun, and not just a dull 3-lap race. Just wish less people would rage-quit because I immedeately kissed them with oncoming traffic.

Sadly, most people will diss this game because of god-awful Driver spin-offs on portables and nintendo consoles, and hilariously bad Driv3r. Shame, they just missed one of the most fun racing games of 2011. Hell, even Yahtzee liked it.

I am not a Ubisoft representative, and I hate the kind of DRM they put into their games on PC, but I just wanted to share my experience, coming from a player that HATED Driver 1 (stupidly hard and un-skippable tutorial..), kind-of liked Driver 2, loved for hilarious bugs but couldn't digest everything else in Driv3r, and didn't play Parallel Lines or any shabby spin-off. So stop thinking I am a fan of series. I loved San Francisco, even though the previous three games had three cities in them, including San Fran.

tl;dr - Didn't play, but like racing/car chase games? Buy it, it's worth going through even the damn DRM.
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Yupp, this game is underrated. 18 hours into the game, and probably not even half way through the story - I like sidequests - I'm enjoying it very much!
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I'm somebody that normally can't get into these types of games, but I've been having a blast with this one. One of the first things I did is buy the car that I drive, it's worth the cash to me just to be able to tear that up on realistic-enough streets and have a good time.
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I wasn't expecting... well, anything, but I have to say I am VERY impressed too! Didn't think a game was going to unhook me from Skyrim, specially a driving game (not that I don't like driving games), but this one did.
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I also am very impressed. It's the most fun I've ever had with a driving game, including GTA 4. The performance is faultless and the vast, sprawling city environments zip effortlessly by at light-speed.
I'm loving the bizarre - yet delightfully amusing - single-player campaign with its surreal storyline, superb 'shift' mechanic, and oodles of humorously witty dialogue.

What I'm desperately wanting to experience is the no-doubt riotous fun to be had through the diverse and plentiful multiplayer game modes, but alas, there is never another soul to be found in the gaming lobby.
This is most upsetting, as a game this brilliant deserves attention.

So who here still plays DSF regularly? Let's all be Steam friends and try to organise a time when we can indulge in multiplayer goodness.

I live in Sydney, Australia. Any other aussies here?

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Hmmm, I disagree sort of. While the game is decent to play, the game honestly plays/feels/looks/sounds more like Crazy Taxi than a Driver game.
It could be because I didn't play any after Driver 2 (I avoided the crud ones) so I'm just comparing DSF to my fond memories of those two games but it honestly doesn't feel like it's part of the same series, which I find very disappointing.
So yeah, decent game, just doesn't feel like a Driver game.
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I am a bit disappointed at myself I actually thought this was going to be a bad Driver since the others weren't all that good. Last Driver I played was Parallel Lines and it wasn't all that impressive. DRIV3R is pretty much the black sheep of the series as far as I know but man this Driver brought all that good stuff from the originals back as far as I'm concerned I thought the whole jumping into other vehicles was dumb but man it actually ended up being a lot of fun. Overall I am very pleased with this Driver and since I heard that it did rather well I hope to see another one similar to this. anyone tried Driver 76? I was thinking of picking that one up.
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I agree, this is the best arcade racing game since burnout paradise.

My only criticism is that you need to use the hand brake to drift, rather than the foot brake like in need for speed and burnout paradise.
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Red face

AWESOME game, multiplayer is VERY VERY fun, I wish I had fraps on for earlier! I was playing cop chase mode and I was the getaway driver. Cop human shifts right in front of me but I jump over him and he tries again and twice I jumped right over him never before I have had such fun in an online game
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