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DirectX 100mb redistributable bundled with every game

I have to ask this - why are you shipping the 100-meg dxredist and the vsredist directory with every game in the collection? And even worse, running the install even though the same or never version is already installed? And not removing them once the install is done? (And after deleting it having steam re-download it during the next update?)

Doesn't Microsoft / Steam / whatever provide a more suitable way of handling this, without wasting all that disk space?
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Not really. Most Steam games have to do this as a result. There also isn't an easy way to check if it's already installed during the Steam installation process. I agree, it would be nice if it could be streamlined, but this is how it works at this point in time.

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Where are these files allocated? I've love to see if I do have any clones of files that I could remove. But I'm kinda afriad to touch those folders incase I delete something bad xD
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One thing that could be done is having RA strip the DirectX install files down to what the games actually use. It's all documented and supported. There's quite a few games on Steam that do this; Braid, Super Meat Boy and Just Cause 2 to name 3 of them. Even better, as far as I can tell, the Gundemonium games don't even use anything from the runtime updates at all, just the stuff included with Windows.

It'd save everyone like 4 cents in storage with today's HDD prices.
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