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Originally Posted by Wemps View Post
I usually top-score the pub-matchies even when playing with left hand another eye closed while watching tv, but I suck in 6 v 6. I have tried lobby, but every time I get laughed out from the server when everybody in the other team dominates me, and my KD goes near 1:10
What should I try now, when I cannot train in pubs and lobby is way too hard? Yeah, and I dont play only on valveservers

My main class is soldier, but in highlander I like to play GS engie. My loadouts are (if allowed) RL / Shotty / Equ and Shotty / Wrangler / Gunslinger.
Try looking up this group in steam IDK/Ne 6v6 Newbie Mix, it's EU based but if you have a solid connecion theres not much you have to worry about really. Alot of friendly mixers there that are happy to give you pointers about calling, solly/demo jumping and all.
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RIP Waar.

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AllStarGamer 2
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thanks a lot for the help
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Tommy the gamer
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Thank you so much, I used to be a beginner that could hardly get one kill during one match but after I read your guide I became better in this game and now I can get 5-10 kills in one round.
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The first link is now a 404 not found D:
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