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Keyboard Control Help

I recently purchased this game, despite all of the negativisms....

I have a question for anyone using keyboard controls:

In the initial map of the game, you are presented with options for placing the x-ray half on the light box.

Any button I press simply exits me back to my character.

What buttons do I press to get this to function properly?
Someone suggested that I press "Use" and "Inventory", but when used independently or together this combination doesn't work.

Any suggestions?
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sorry had no problem with that part... ignoring the fact that I had no sounds... try looking in your inventory and try to select that item in your inventory screen and use it like a item/equipment.

I think once you do that ,you will use it, and it will play an animation in game.
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I have the exact same problem. I pick up the xray film, go back to where the first xray is, but can't place the xray film next to it: both options it show (examine, inventory)have the same picture next to them, and no matter what I press, he always examines it.

I hit the inventory button (Q) and it brings up the inventory screen - there's the 1 health drink i picked up, and a greyed out 0 First Aid Kits, but no mention of the film at all. There's a weird red curve thing over on the left which looks like it might be supposed to house additional things, but there is nothing there. I for certain picked the xray film up, and it is no longer at the place where I got it from.

Hitting (E) shows a similar screen, only it shows the flashlight and radio over on the right, and a message saying i have no weapons.

I note that pulling up the inventory screen doesn't give me a message saying I have no items... so maybe it's there, but just invisible?

This is really annoying.
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The x-ray is very hard to see in the inventory
There is an inner circle in the the item should be in the upper part
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Thanks azraal, I can belive I did not see that!
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