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Lightbulb How to launch the game

Hello everyone,

I have the same problem than you (black screen on start with the music and the clock), but i Think I have found a solution :

1 - Go to your folder steam>>steamApps>>common>>heart of iron 3

2 - Edit the file Settings.txt

3 - Change your resolution x and y. Set your native resolution (ex for me : 1680 and 1050)

4 - Set fullScreen=no (it's the more important I think)

5 - Save the file and launch your game.

In windowed mode you should see a loading image. The launch of this game is very long ( about 10 min !). So wait, wait and wait.

I try to launch the game in full screen and it's working fine. You will see the black screen but the game is corectly loaded.

Enjoy ! (I hope )
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Thanks, this helped a bunch. I bought the HoI complete pack during the Christmas sale and on launch I was getting a black screen, music, and an animated watch at login - but it was seemingly going nowhere and seemed locked up.

The suggestion above seemed to fix the graphics and show the loading screen as well as info on what module was being loaded. While it still took a long time to load the first time, at least it was clear that something was loading. Thankfully, subsequent loads have been even faster.
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Yup, this worked perfectly for me. Many thanks, Glorious Leader lolo19~!
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I might have been having the same issue when I tried quite a while ago - I'll try this whenever I try installing it again.
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