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[SPOILERS] The other ending..

Did I miss something?

So, the first ending suggests that Mir has undergone the enormous undertaking of bringing together, by his own words, the worlds greatest engineers, psychologists and genetecists to construct technology far outside his own era, and gathered the needle-in-a-haystack information of two outstanding genetic components that are romantically compatable. He then administered, "manipulation, lying, kidnapping, and stealing" to integrate these components into a system that creates genetic superbabies. Fine. Understood.

However, the secret ending seems to contradict these motives. It is revealed that the hacking was actually staged by Mir himself. So let me get this straight: Mir intentionally informed Ky of what is suggested to be the only thing that could have prevented the eventual union of Ky and Naia, and then attempted to suppress Ky through potentially murdering him for knowing about it? Mir attempted to sabotage his own elaborate scheme in two different ways.

Why? Even assuming the Naia & Ky pairing thing was another elaborate lie, his motives definitely pertain to Naia, as she is the only thing that Ky acquires while being held captive by Mir. And, it is more than suggested his genetic material is the other component here. Where else could Mir be going with this? Are we to assume Mir attempting to sabotage his own plan was just a failed attempt at a plot twist?

Don't get me wrong. I loved and thoroughly enjoyed the game. But I have suspicions the second ending is one gigantic plothole. What am I missing here?
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