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Okay...need some advice

Hey all

I am a newly minted huge fan of RPG's (since playing Dragon Age Origins) and am now in the process of playing catch up with RPG titles I missed. Yeah I have dabbled in action RPG's (Diablo, Diablo 2, Titan Quest) down the road but you can't really classify them as proper RPG experiences.

Having only loaded up The Witcher 1 a few weekends ago my drive to play the game is diminishing rapidly at the moment (maybe using it as a stop game between sessions of Skyrim was not the best of ideas). I honestly feel like the game is going absolutely nowhere. I am 15 hours in and have only just enterd the town of vizima. Please tell me it gets better? I find after playing Dragon Age Origins, the writing and story to be incredibly weak.

I have Witcher 2 still to get through but I am sincerly hoping its 100 times better than what I have had to endure with Witcher 1 thus far.

So do I give up or continue...is something exciting going to happen and propel the story forward or am I going to fall asleep on my keyboard drooling? Or should I just return to Skyrim and apply for a permanent residency?


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I am only 8 hours in, just having killed "The beast" after saving Abigail. So I can't really comment on how the story get later, I have heard that it really gets good from around chapter 3, but I am enjoying the game so far anyway. If I was you I would stick with it, but just because I don't like playing sequels without playing the original, plus there is the import save feature for Witcher 2 which I would play through the first to use.
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Chapter 2 is one of my favorite chapters if not my favorite you should keep playing. Chapter 3 is also really go the game quickly goes up hill after you kill the beast.
If you dont like the combat system dont worry, they re did it in the witcher 2, the witcher's strong point is its story
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Both Witcher 1 and Witcher 2 start out slow. The first area in Witcher 1 is by far the least interesting in the game, and as the story starts to flesh out the decisions you make begin to have much more noticeable consequences which help add to the overall experience.

Witcher 2 has a much better combat system, but be prepared for a challenge. It's almost unfairly difficult in the first chapter while you're still figuring everything out, but around chapter two you'll have gotten the hang of it and a few levels will give you much more control over combat situations.
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Thanks guys...Ill stick with it a little longer in the hopes it does improve. I also do rather enjoy playing games in a chronological order so part of me will push to finish if I want to play Witcher 2

The one thing I do hate about this game is the combat mechanics...it is simply awful. What were the developers thinking? Please tell me its vastly improved in the sequel.

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