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Zeon Twilight
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My experience, Or, a love letter to Iridium

Well now, perhaps you clicked on this because you are considering buying the game, or perhaps you just like to get other people's opinions on things. Still, if it's story time you came for, then HAVE AT YOU!

I got Sequence because it was cheap, at a buck twenty five I thought, "Huh, well, if it's even MILDLY good then it'll be worth it, and if it sucks? Meh, Who's gonna miss a buck twenty five right?"

Little did I know that I would secretly have wanted to pay more for it.

Oh, in case you're wondering, yeah, this is a positive review, if you just wanna know, "Is it worth it" Yes. Go buy it. Now.

But it wouldn't be a review without reviewing, so for all you cats and kittens who haven't played it, and just wandered on here. Sequence is quite the experience, I'm not sure what aspect I enjoyed the most, but if pressed, I'd most likely say the writing and voice acting.

The gameplay itself is solid and quite unique in it's presentation. But there are lovely gameplay videos to explain how it works, and it works quite well, mostly once I got used to the controls, I rarely felt cheated, I played through the game on Medium and it was challenging, without being overwhelming

But still, the high point for me was the writing/voice acting, everyone did a bang up job, I don't think I have played a indie game in recent time with such enjoyable characters. Mixed with a small feeling of self aware snarkyness for a good bit of the humor, delivered in such an endearing way, I can hardly find fault with the VA's.

The plot was an example of a solid blend of serious and silly, with most the items in the game having fun flavor text a la Disgaia, but still feeling as if there was a present danger to the protagonist.

Overall, the only suggestion I could offer for improvement is "Make more" Perhaps polish the gameplay to a bright and shiny sheen, but please, make Sequence 2, and this time, I'll see if I can scrape together more than the mere buck twenty five I gave you this time.

Also, just a shout out, I think it's really cool how the Dev/VA for Ky/Programmer/...lots of things, also hangs around the forums and talks with the common folk. You sir are an exceptional example of a great Dev, and I will be watching your future releases carefully.
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While I can relate to many positives, I'm not so much in love as you and others in the forum.

What made me most annoyed several times while playing was the artifical prolonging through recipe-ingredient hunting. The same few personality-less enemies coupled with the same songs over and over. Playing "Super Fun" for the 20th time consecutively just isn't, you know, super fun.

The reason I got it was enjoying Elite Beat Agents on the DS this summer and wanting something similar, but original. However if this game would have been free I probably would have stopped playing after the third floor or so.

Regarding the writing I felt that while the banter between the main characters was actually funny it felt totally out of place. Also, I, as the protagonist, would have felt
disgusted by a girl following orders like a - or the worst specimen of the Milgram-experiment, who assumes she hits the death-button, but does it anyway.

Then the game's got fantastic voice talent, who are ruined by constant unnatural pauses after every comment. I know, it's asian-rpg-style from the MetalGearSolid-school of bad writing/editing. It makes slightly more sense when there's no voice acting.

Ohoh, reading back I feel it sounds more negative than my actual experience was, because, all in all, I enjoyed the ride, loved the credits (awesome!) and will look out for future Iridium games.
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