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Exclamation Freeze during Tribal Stage

Hi, everyone!

Here's trouble: In a middle of tribal stage, game suddenly freeze. I can still press ESC and menu appears, fully functional. But when I trying go back to game, it stuck permanently again.
Already reinstalled game, but no luck with this.
OS - Win7 64bit.
GPU - GeForce 295
CPU - i7 920

Any help will be appreciated...
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Having exactly the same problem myself.
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I have the same problem in one of my games (which, btw. is one of multiple games ... in all of my other games that progressed beyond the tribal stage, this freeze didn´t appear).
The graphics freezes before a gfreat battle, where 2 enemy tribes in short order send out raiding parties against my village.

I can say for sure that it is some kind of graphical update glitch and that the game keeps running in the background.
Something that I found out because you can still save via the menu. When the game had its freeze shortly before the beginning of the first battle I waited some time (with the frozen screen) and then I saved the game and returned to the main screen.
When I returned to the game I saw, that the first battle already was finished and the battle against the 2nd raiding party had begun (unfortunately the game still keeps freezing).

It is one of 2 problems I have with Spore.
The 2nd problem is in the creature stage. After a certain number of times that my creature gets killed, the game seems to freeze when I click on the button that normally would take me to the scene, where a new clone of my creature starts hatching from its egg (that is, instead of this screen I just see a black screen, together with the button and the text at the lower end [that tells me that it is better to return to the nest to heal, instead of getting killed]).
Fortunately this 2nd problem isn´t too serious if you save often (in contrast to the 1st problem)

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Yarp, same here. I tried to copy/replace the contents of Game0.old folter into Game0 (save directories) and were able to load my previous game and avoid the freezing bug.

However this game works now UNTIL I destroy another clan and try to save my progress. It states that saving the game failed and spore will exit now - when restarted I can load my previous save again and play this stage over and over again.

Argh.. this sucks completely. I can't even finish the game now. Superb -.-

Screenshot (German)

Well, got my save back and killed another clan. So far so good - only one clan left (Cyan) and every time I get close to their camp my game freezes. Wonderful >_<

After alot of file-juggling, restarting, reloading, saving, freezing and whatnot, I rebooted my computer and tried again. But as always, I didn't go the same way afterwards, but instead attacked the violet clan and killed them. No problem. Next cyan clan - worked too. So, maybe te reboot did it (my guess). Am in space now (so no more freezing since that time).

For all with a crashed save game: if you did not save a thousand times since it freezed, you might get happy by copying the contents of Game0.old directory (on Win7 it's in AppData\Roaming\Spore\Games) into Game0, reboot your computer and load the old save (you might lose 15min or something like that). Don't forget to backup tho!

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