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How do you jump and spray paint with keyboard?

I couldn't find a control map, probably didn't look hard enough, but how do you jump with keyboard?

And is jump really useful? I can do it with the 360 controller, but I fail to see the need for it.

And once I unlock the spray paint option, how will it work, since right mouse thumbs up, left mouse thumbs down... running out of buttons
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Anza Power
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You use left alt for jumping, and no it's not really useful for anything cause you can only use it at the beginning of the level before you jump ff...

Left ctrl is for spray I think, when you unlock it there will be a tutorial...
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Didn't know you could jump, will have to try!

How many other people have accidentally tried to do a running jump off a building and then remembered that the space bar actually deploys the parachute?


You need to do a level to unlock the spray can. I think it's got a spray can logo on it to make it obvious. Middle mouse to spray.
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