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Unhappy Can't Get the Game to Play in Keyboard and Mouse?

Hello Nice Persons!

need some assistance please I for some reason can't get the game to play via keyboard and mouse only controller commands come up and the mouse only works to click on main menu after that everything needs to be "b" on the controller to "go back".

I don't own a controller I play computer games on keyboard and with mouse and there is no way available for me to do so in this game in my situation.

Any thoughts anyone?


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I have the same issue can't believe there is little comment on the net so far searching for info about it. Ok I get it , it's an XBox game fine.. but they say they improved it for the PC?

Well after a while of struggling I found out I had to unplug both my MS joystick, and Rudder pedals otherwise the game thinks I have an Xbox controller, and absolutely no mention of PC controls appears anywhere then.

I stumbled across pressing C to exit a menu er ook.. but nothing else worked on the keyboard, and nothing anywhere to click to override the xbox controller.

So finally I unplugged everything restarted the game and now I see the keyboard controls and mouse and now can play.

See if that helps, unplug any rudder pedals, joystick, or I guess steering wheel etc, then restart the game.

BTW I had to use ctrl+alt+del then kill the game in the task list as only C worked before I did the above.
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i do not have this issue, i have a xbox controller and play this game with keyboard and mouse.
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