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I start steam everything is fine r.u.s.e is ready so I click on play it says ruse is launching and then the window is gone...So i'm wondering what's going on??? I uninstall ruse reinstall it no results...I uninstall steam reinstall steam reinstall ruse still nothing...Went on toutslesdrivers.com went to get all my drivers and the direct x...Also got media player...Still nothing...I go on the forums people are saying that i should start it from the file...Try to start it from the exe file and it says something about a dll file missing but it always does that anyway i install it... I have windows 7 64-bit running on my pc and before I formatted it played really well...So now why isn't it working??? Help me plz! I want to play R.U.S.E SO BAD!!
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run an integrity scan on the game. Right click and go to properties->local files
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Tried it still fails...:'(
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Disable User Account Control (UAC) in Windows 7

I have no idea why it stopped launching, but when I turn the UAC off it worked.

I had tried reinstalling and the integrity cache solution with no luck

Hope this helps

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Disable UAC won't work for me and it is risky
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