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Originally Posted by Washell View Post
That's fine, but that doesn't mean anything with lower production values can't be entertaining and not be worth a price of admission.

As for your theory, if the bulk of the sales happens at a 66%-75% off sales, the message to the devs isn't 'you did good, shovel some more', it's 'your game is only worth a couple of bucks, do better next time'.

On a more theoretical note, a TV series like 'The Pacific' benefits from high production values to make it look more authentic and realistic. A BBC3 sitcom like 'Him & Her' which takes place in a single apartment could have a massive budget, but that wouldn't make the show any better. What I'm trying to say is, a developer can work to the strengths of his small budget and deliver a better game than the multi-million AAA title which are rapidly degenerating into interactive movies.
Very well said, and you took the words out of my mouth.

I was going to say, would Reservoir Dogs had benefited from a larger budget and higher production values, or BBC's Bottom (jokes the likes of Sir Ade and Sir Rick need no production values)?
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For that amount of money yeah, why not? But I advise everyone that the gam isn't good at all.
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