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Fish Factory Games
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If it crashes when you goto new game

I have narrowed it down to 2 options.

1. You do not have windows media player installed

2. You do not have a my documents folder

I am pushing a fix that will allow you to disable saving with -nosave and music with -nomusic

However, until this goes live you should be able to fix the problem by installing windows media player or making a my documents folder.
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Cheers for the quick response on this issue! I had the same problem that was being reported, but tried out this fix for it, and it worked! I didn't have Media Player installed, but once I put it back on, works perfectly!
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I just purchased and downloaded this game and I am experiencing this same crash bug upon trying to create a new game.

I was running an admin account on win7 x64 with WMP not installed. Steam is installed to a 2ndary partition. There is no save file being created for Defy Gravity. The save folder is there, but it is empty. I see no options to disable music or go into windowed mode so I assume the aforementioned patch for Defy Gravity has not come out yet.

I tried installing WMP and see if that fixed the crash, and instead it caused a black screen error. The game now loads up with a black screen and the menu bg music, and that's it. That's as far as I can get. I can hear the sound effect for firing the gun when I press the button, but the screen just is not being drawn anymore.

So then I tried uninstalling the game and re-downloading it. I got one load-up of the game where it drew the screen, and then I was back to a black screen. And now killing the game sometimes disables my keyboard input! I had to type some of this post using the on-screen keyboard tool that comes with windows.

So I've now tried installing and uninstalling it multiple times and I am still getting a black screen error. I tried changing screen resolution from my native 1920x1080 to other lower settings and different aspect ratios, and nothing works. Update: okay mysteriously it now somehow works. I have no idea why because I didn't try anything else between when it wasn't working and when it started working again. Ugh...

I really must protest. There is a good reason I uninstalled WMP in the first place, and other XLA games such as Terraria and Capsized do not force me to have it installed.

It is obviously possible to have music without using WMP, as Terraria clearly demonstrates. I know it's probably just easier for a programmer to use WMP when developing with XLA; it evidently comes down to not putting in the extra time to avoid people having crashes when they don't have WMP installed. For example, Capsized is another XLA game which uses WMP to play its music, but when the user doesn't have WMP installed, Capsized will not crash and instead just doesn't play any music. Obviously they at least took the time to acount for the user not having WMP installed.

Luckily I only spent a few dollars on this game, because as of now I am pretty unhappy with my purchase. It has caused way too much frustration just to get the thing running like it is supposed to. I'm sure the game is great. It's had good reviews, but right now I am still pretty miffed. Maybe after I cool off I will actually be glad I bought it.

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Fish Factory Games
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That patch is out. Those are commandline options that you can set from steam.

We did not realize wmp was required to use music in xna. It is just a normal xna command like any other one. There is no indication that wmp is required from the developer side to play music, so we didn't even discover this until after release. All of our test computers had wmp installed because it comes with windows so it never came up.

We have a patch pending that does what capsized does and will disable the music without crashing. It should be live by Monday.
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It crashed for me before even starting. If anyone else has that issue, make sure Defy Gravity is trusted by the firewall.
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