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X-com related?

Ok I am a huge fan od x-com, and am wondering is this a good game to get?

Also if you like this game I heard x-com was similar, so you might like that.
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This series of games pays direct homage to the X-Com series, particularly UFO Defense. Aftermath is pretty much a direct port of UFOD in the planet view, and very strongly related in the combat portion. The main differences are that, IMO, the UFO:* series have more of an interesting storyline, and that the combat can be done real-time or kind of turn-based.
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Plus, this game isn't as highly difficult as the xcom series.
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Yeah, the After Blank series is a nice homage, but it has bad pacing, IMO. Eventually one element or the other gets too monotonous. Story could have used bit more fluff, though there are some nive ideas here and there.
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Personally I like it for similar reasons to X-Com but there is a different feel and flavour to it. The basic gameplay is more or less the same however in the 'After' series there is the element of capturing territory.
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Old 04-23-2011, 06:46 PM   #6
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Very Much X-com related. Though the battles get really repetitive late game.

The Research and Manufacture stuff is still present. The biggest difference is instead of setting up bases, you have 1 base and you spread across the planet defending your perimeter. And you don't chase down UFO's you just attack landing parties or enemy territories
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Roast Beef
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I only played Aftermath which was fun but too easy imo for an x-com style game. That and you have barely any dudes and they are all individuals. No nameless grunts.

I really liked the art style in Aftermath though. Basically alien mold was slowly covering the world and killing everything which was a nice change from the regular x-com style alien invasion and the mold mutated life-forms you fight were pretty imaginitive and fun.
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