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Uranium /4th gen working as designed?

I'm confused. 4th generation nuclear should make more Twh/uranium, right?

How come uranium used = energy then (on the "nuclear use" screen)? Uranium used is also getting less and less every turn.

Edit: Ok, seems that the uranium used and energy is just where it goes. Could uranium used be decreasing due to 4th gen even though it says Twh at the graph (Twh really shouldn decrease, only uranium in, i dont know, tons or something).

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I can understand your confusion, but the game doesn't measure it in tonnes, only TWh. Usually, 1 TWh of fuel can be used to generate one TWh of electricity - it's best to think of that as the *amount* of fuel needed to generate that much electricity (with 3rd gen nuclear).

When you switch to 4th gen nuclear, uaranium can be used much more efficiently. An amount of uranium which would generate 1 TWh of electricity with 3rd gen nuclear, now generates more than 1TWh of electricity. However, the game will still measure it in the 3rd gen units. So, once you start to switch to 4th gen nuclear, you get more than 1 TWh of electricity per TWh of uranaium, and you will notice your total energy resources used are less than the total amount of electricity generated. You may also notice that the fuel mix percentages add up to less than 100%; this is again because of the way the uranium is counted.

It's a bit counterintuitive that the game continues to measure uranium in terms of its 3rd gen output, but it's probably the best way - it means you can easily make comparisons between regions, because they also measure uranium use in the same units, even if some regions use it more efficiently than others. The percentages summing to less than 100%, though, is just crazy.
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