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Telltale employees caught reviewing JP on metacritic...


10/10 haha, if they had given their own game maybe a 7 or 8 no one would have gotten suspicious...
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that's why i only read the bad reviews.
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That cute. I also suspect other devs too.
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In this sense, is it really wrong to review your own stuff?

I know it is unethical and wrong to bump up the score by giving a 10/10 when they try to disguise it as a 'normal' user, but in this case the employees did it under recognizable handles from their own forums. Anyone can google it and see that the names match. They were not trying to put up fake reviews - just reviews based on their opinion (although slightly biased, but then again who isn't?). The only thing was that they didn't explicitly state that they were working for the company in the review itself, but they have mentioned that they will from now on if they choose to do this.

In my opinion, it doesn't seem they were putting up these reviews to be dishonest or to deceive customers, but someone who liked the worked they did (despite what other people say about it).
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LoL ya other devs/ pubs do it too
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