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Revive Dead Characters?

I, unfortunately, had a mission go wrong and I lost a bunch of my soldiers. They were pretty high level, so I'm wondering if there's a way to revive them (later on?) or if I'll just get new characters to replace them. There's a pretty huge hole in my military that I can't really occupy with the current array of characters.

Any ideas/tips? Thanks.
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I believe there is no way to revive dead characters. Some low level soldiers join you sometimes if some of your soldiers die, but thats it. Therefore, if you have a previous save you might want to get back to it. If not, well.. your game is ruined.

Soldiers are really limited in this game. You can't recruit new ones as you wish. The game gives new soldiers at some points but it is still a very low amount. I constantly used save/load to avoid losing a soldier.
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You cannot revive any character. Its frequently better off reloading earlier savepoint, unless you are near the end already.

New members joining are very rare event and they start at really low level (stand little chance against aliens at last few stages).
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Yeah, that's one of the things that I don't like about this game. At least in Xcom, you could just hire more. Playing DiD for this game is next to impossible.

The VA is the other thing I hate about this game....
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