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Crashes only when starting a new game.

My dad bought it on Amazon during the sale the other day. It downloaded very very slow despite unusually getting 1.1 MBs download normally.

Download was corrupt. So I activated it for him in Origin (which I wanted to avoid doing) so it would download through them.

It installs this time and starts up. However once he or I try to start a new game, it crashes. "... has stopped working" you know the usual.

I tried every solution I could find via google.

I'm at a loss for what the problem might be.

I even downloaded a 100% complete save and tried to load another level, just crashes.

I assume this means a graphical crash but that makes little sense. Computer is new-ish and runs everything else fine.

It's AMD/ATI which might be the problem? I'm really getting sick of developers just working with nvidia and neglecting ATI.

Any other options?
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I just set PhysX to LOW in the configuration menu, and behold, it works fine now!
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