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Hi all! Not sure why it took me so long to get signed up for these forums, but I finally did it. So now that I'm here, I just wanted to drop a line out for any steam users that may not be familiar with the missions I've made for OFDR.

If you enjoy dynamic combat missions, you will love Squad Level Tactics and This is War. Both missions feature the run of the entire island and there is nothing in them that is not dynamic. From the weather, to the objectives, the density of combat and the type of enemy you'll encounter, everything has been coded for complete unpredictability. I consider them living island types of missions where the player determines the direction while the environment is a random force of nature.

In Squad Level Tactics, you will lead a squad in combat on a completely occupied island. All of the forces in the game will be under your command and you will make every decision for your troops. The island itself is and will remain under complete PLA control, but you are tasked with infiltrating over 100 locations and completing any of 6 other randomly selected objectives along the way. Squad Level Tactics also supports coop gameplay with up to 3 other peopls. It is available here.

This is War is more of an all out war situation where you are part of an all out assault on the island. The latest edition of This is War includes several close quarter combat missions as well as a few campaign missions that are regional in scope. The US forces will engage targets on their own and you will be given a set of randomly chosen dynamic objectives to achieve. You will also find the integration of the OFPDR hotkey system created by Haywood Slap from the OFDR forums. This allows you to customize the environment in real time, recruit fireteam members and fireteams to your squad and create checkpoints at your leisure. It is available here.

There is a wealth of user created missions over at the OFDR forums as well, so I hope you will drop by and take part in a great game community. Have fun!!
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