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most of the freezes with 64b and stuff comes from have a "bad-registered" windows 7 and punkbuster

use sfc /scannow in cmd or find another "solution"

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Just to follow up, I have found a way to prevent my crashes (sound loops, hard reset required), by killing the game's VivoxVoiceService.exe process from the task manager every time you start the game. Annoying as a solution, but it has definately been working.

Originally Posted by bakageta View Post
The R259 realtek drivers were the ones that solved the stuttery sound hard locks for me, some time ago, I'd try updating/reverting to those and see if it helps. @iDre: do you have your onboard sound actually disabled in bios, or is it enabled and you just don't have anything hooked to it? It uses realtek for the onboard, which could be the cause of your problems.
Thanks for the info Bakageta.

Just to be confusing, I actually have the P5Q3 Deluxe/WiFi-AP @n motherboard, which is different from the plain jane P5Q3, and uses SoundMAX rather than Realtek. Anyways, I'll give it a shot updating these, it might mean I no longer have to kill the VivoxVoiceService.exe process...

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OK, so I went into my BIOS and disabled my onboard sound (meanwhile my add-on soundcard is still active). My onboard sound uses SoundMAX software though I am unsure if it may still be related to Realtek or not. I run the game while STILL running the VivoxVoiceService and I haven't had a crash yet after serveral hours.

My best guess is that Vivox uses onboard sound (or specifically Realtek drivers) in a way that causes a crash. So either if you find the right drivers, or disable your onboard, or just kill Vivox, then you avoid the problem.

Or it's just a fluke and I just didn't happen to crash.
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Ok guys this Realtek 2.67 its THE REAL FIX for Punkbuster vs Realtek.


battlefield 2 and 3 forum guys already said its fine now and i just played 1 hour of APB and yeh no freeze.

Soo, with this new drivers if you guys continue having crash problems, thats other stuff not related to the game.


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The OP knows nothing about this issue. Its nothing to do with 64bit systems, but with sound drivers/hardware incompatibility and probably alot of other random things.

The programmers of the game are responsible, because they are incompetent.
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I cannot get this to work no matter what

Okay, so I have tried everything ive seen online including uninstalling/reinstalling, the manual update, and putting the certain files into my htm folder. My problem is I keep getting kicked by pb for "error loading pbcl" I know that i need client server C2.289 for windows 64 bit but I do not know where to find it ive been at this for days please help!!!
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problem with memory and others

D:\JUEGOS\STEAM\STEAMAPPS\COMMON\APB RELOADED\APBGame\Logs\2012.08.11-12.37.21-3808.log
D:\JUEGOS\STEAM\STEAMAPPS\COMMON\APB RELOADED\APBGame\Logs\2012.08.11-12.37.21-3808_Catcher.dmp
D:\JUEGOS\STEAM\STEAMAPPS\COMMON\APB RELOADED\APBGame\Logs\2012.08.11-12.37.21-3808_Catcher.dmp

General protection fault!

any idea?
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Direct3DDevice->CreateTexture( SizeX, SizeY, NumMips, GetD3DTextureUsageFlags(Flags), (D3DFORMAT)GPixelFormats[Format].PlatformFormat, GetD3DTexturePool(Flags), Texture2D->GetInitReference(), NULL ) failed
at c:\work\apb\branches\versions\1-10-0\1-10-0_admiral\development\src\d3d9drv\src\d3d9texture. cpp:140
with error E_OUTOFMEMORY,
SizeX=1024, SizeY=1024, Format=A8R8G8B8=D3DFMT_A8R8G8B8, NumMips=1, Flags=, TexMemoryAvailable=2015MB


05:26:13 - Log: Log file closed, 12/01/13 23:26:13

How do I fix this so I can play?
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