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CAUTION: Misleading TAGES activation information

Just a quick warning to anyone thinking of buying this game, which is unfortunately riddled with the TAGES garbage DRM: it does NOT give you 3 activations a month. Since I bought it exactly a year ago, I've installed, activated and played it on JUST ONE PC (over 4 months ago) and haven't touched it since due to that partition corrupting. Today I tried installing it on another newly built PC and it is no longer letting me activate the game, with a message saying:

"Request refused by server: Activation limit exceeded with this serial number. Please contact technical support for more information."

The only hope I have now is getting it solved through Steam Support, since the useless TAGES site refuses to take any responsibility for their own worthless DRM saying simply to "go get the seller to fix it".

Avoid buying this game until this crap DRM has been removed, no matter how cheap you see it on sale. Knowing I'll have to do this probably every time I install it in the future, I regret ever having wasted the £4 I spent on it, even though I think the game itself without the DRM is worth well more than that.
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You will have to contact atari support, I had to do the same when I run out of activations that were supposed to refresh every month. Steam support wont help here. Also, is there even a code revokation tool for this game? Asking because every other game with this type of drm had one.
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Another case of DRM affecting legal owners, I woner how well this game sold, and how sales would increase if tages was removed. Surely a game of this age it could be removed?
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i just installed it on a second pc with no problem whatsoever. i don't know if i'm lucky or that you're not.
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