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Capsule Voucher Event

Hello A.V.A Fans!

We are having another Capsule Voucher event sarting today 1/24/2012! Check out all of the details below!

Event Details:
A.V.A players can earn 1 capsule voucher per day. Play at least 1 game during any of the event period dates and then receive the capsule voucher the very next day.

Event Schedule:
1/24/2012 ~ 1/29/2012
1/30/2012 is the last day of capsule voucher distribution for 1/29/2012 gameplay

*Special Notice for Capsule Vouchers
  • The capsule vouchers earned during the event period must be used by 2/5/2012. If not used by 2/5/2012, the unused capsule vouchers will expire and disappear on 2/6/2012.
  • Max inventory limit for capsule vouchers is 10 vouchers. If players have 10 unused capsule vouchers, it will no longer be able to be collected.
  • Capsule Vouchers can’t be used for Euro Capsules and Pre-Release Capsules. It also can’t be used for the higher number capsules. For Example: out of the 149 and 300 amount capsules, only 149 capsules (the more expensive capsule) can be used/bought.

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