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Two Worlds 1: Worst Writing/Acting Ever?

So I finally fired up "Two Worlds" after getting it on the Christmas sale only to be greeted with what I think might be the worst writing and acting in any game I have played.


And I have played alot of games.

And it's not merely just bad acting/writing, it's like the people doing the voice overs and writing have never even heard humans talk before. The inflection is all weird, sometimes emphasizing words and phrases for no reason. They will read statements as if they are questions (with a sort of "rise" at the end), and vice versa, and other times they will load a totally non emotional statement with emotion, while reading a more emotional statement with no emotion at all.

Plus the writing is just horrible! It barely makes any sense at all and is loaded with non sequitors. I actually think a smart 5th grader could write better dialog than this.

Not that I mind necessarily, I kind of find bad video game dialog funny and amusing sometimes. This was just so awful that I thought I had to bare witness to its awfulness on these forums.

You can see it for yourself if you want to know what I mean:


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