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UT3 COOP play. (can't connect)

Hy to everyone!

In the last few day me and my m8t would like to play together in the Story mode on the internet but we cannot join each others servers.

Whe both have routers and we both had opened the needed ports ( 13000; 6500-7787; 27900; 49152-65534) what we found on the internet, but wee still got the "wonr i net settings" error if we want to start a Public Campaign.

Can someone help us or give us some hints on how can we join each others servers?
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Very late reply but since I just found out how to do this myself, I'll post here for posterity. lol

The person hosting the game needs to forward port 7777; that is, open that port in his firewall and/or router. Contrary to other sites listing a slew of ports to forward, or even using DMZ, 7777 is the only one required for someone to be able to join the host -- using the direct-connect "open x.x.x.x" console command, the host person telling you beforehand what IP address to use for x.x.x.x. The warning message in the game about hosting can be ignored, and note the game won't show in the game browser for anyone.

Apparently the "open" command is the only way connecting will work, you can't use Steam's 'join game' or invites or anything else like that. In fact, the trick to get this to work at all is you have to kill the Steam process before attempting the "open" command, otherwise the game just sits on "connecting" forever for some stupid reason.

Hope this helps.

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