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Stuck on Level 18(Hide and Seek)

When the game starts I move top right immediately just before they attack so I can get that asteroid asap, but I'm not sure what to do afterwards.
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I jumped to the next planet to the upper right and built one tree there. Next I planted a flower to enhance my defensive tree. Next I sent my laser pod things and attacked the planet to my left. These were essentially suicide missions but it eventually wore them down until I could take them over.
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This level is impossible to win in the current version of the game because the AI is not sufficiently restricted by the script. The game is typically over within one minute because the first attacking AI plants a defensive tree before launching its assault, or it returns to defend its asteroid after taking yours.

If by some fluke of luck the first AI does not kill you right away, the second AI will usually get you because it too will plant a defensive tree or return to defend its asteroid. Should you choose not to take the second AIs asteroid when it attacks the center, then you will be too low on resources to defend the next attack in two minutes.

Now if a miracle occurs and you manage to snag the second AIs asteroid as you are supposed to by design, the third AI will still be uncooperative, planting defensive trees or getting enhanced seedlings to ward off any potential invasion. The fourth AI will not even bother attacking the meat grinder in the center and will just swarm you with 100+ enhanced seedlings. This is after it consumes your reinforcement planet on the outer rim of course, which is really supposed to be safe until your discover it.

I remember playing Eufloria a couple years back and this level at least giving players a fair chance. After getting the game during the holiday sale for nostalgia's sake, I have already spent 3 hours on this level to no avail, trying out every possible combination of action and restarted the level at least fifty times already. My patience is now exhausted, and my nostalgia extinguished.
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Rudolf Kremers
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We actually fixed this recently which will appear in an update soon. (Not sure why it did not make this one actually, I will investigate.

For what it is worth, I have played it a few times without too many issues myself, IF the AI does not plant a defensive tree too early. The problem is recognised though.

This should not cause a serious issue however as the new version is optional. You can switch to old style play at any time, and play the level the way it was if you prefer. It is entirely possible to switch between old and new modes of play on a per level basis.
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Originally Posted by Vyn View Post
This level is impossible to win in the current version of the game because the AI is not sufficiently restricted by the script.
I beat it on my third try. ^_^ (pre-update)

It was annoying however that the AI would sometimes build before attacking.
Ultimately, after moving the large asteroid from the first attack, I settled it. Then I let the second attackers attack the first attackers. This pretty much wiped out both groups.
Got a laser mine and when the third attack went, I sneaked over to their planet and settled it. They tried to come back but between the damaged sustained from their attack and the laser mine, I won.
At this point, I owned 2 large asteroid or 1/2 the map. So everything else was rather easy. 1 & 2 attackers were still fairly weak and after capping them, it's cake wall to overpower the last guy.

Although it was very, very annoying have to wait for stuff to happen... pre-update everything was soooo slow.
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Originally Posted by Vyn View Post
This level is impossible to win in the current version of the game because the AI is not sufficiently restricted by the script. The game is typically over within one minute because the first attacking AI plants a defensive tree before launching its assault, or it returns to defend its asteroid after taking yours.
Not sure which version you were on, or which version I'm on for that matter, but I noticed something.

The AI does indeed plant trees before it leaves that first asteroid - but only if you try and "jump the gun" and leave the central asteroid BEFORE yuo get the "You must flee" message. If you wait until you get that message before moving, the enemy don't plant a tree on the asteroid that they leave (or at least, that's how it worked for me).
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If you are reading this, be aware it is still impossible to beat on the new settings. Change your game type and you will beat it easy first try.
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I've completed level 18 in 09:39 on default settings (faster, more dynamic), version 2.07. Here is the video: http://youtu.be/h-J-XiHJKmo
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I have completed it too, and with a strategy to save the most lost seedings, that doesn't change I had to restart for who knows how long so that the strategy the level forces you to play finally had the CHANCE of working.

The level should be scripted so that the obvious no-win situations don't come up unless you really screwed up. That means the first "enemy" must not plant a defensive tree on the asteroid you will jump to, OR you must be given a good enough initial asteroid/army so that you can destroy the tree with minimal losses if they do.

Also the enemy should not return to their initial asteroid for the first x minutes, to give you time to plant a tree if they didn't or recover your losses if you met explosives. That OR again have your army big enough to prevent the enemy from going back home. You start with 29 and they start with 80 or so, its no big deal to make it 40/80 for instance.

Again, OR make the backdoor asteroids be accessible from the previous jump just like the final asteroid's is from the second one, that way you jump to THAT and then take over with the combined forces. Then they can plant whatever they want you'll most likely take over their home while they take yours.
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It's a badly done level all around... while most of the levels give you a chance to win them in your own way, this one requires you play and typically lose a few times to learn the scripted pattern, and hope the AI doesn't randomly decide to rush you and make the level impossible to beat, nomatter how well you did things.

Maybe I'm biased.. I hate the levels in various RTS games where you have to deal with overly scripted events or aren't given the chance to build, etc. Either way.. I found this to be the least enjoyable of the set.
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The player has a 1 in 3 chance of surviving more than a minute. It's already been said that if the AI builds a Defense tree (1 in 3) the player loses. But if the AI leaves its asteroid barren (the other 1 in 3) it takes too many seedlings for the player to colonize, and the AI quickly returns and wipes out the player. Leaving victory up to slim thresholds of chance first, and strategy second, is a very bad design plan (unless you're making a game centered around gambling).

In the 17 levels preceding this one, I died once or twice. I've died roughly 40 times on this level, with no success, even when I followed suggestions from here on the forum. I've flowered defense trees, I've been wiped out before they could produce mines, I've recruited the bottom-left or bottom-right moons, I've found them already wiped out by the AI, I've tried whittling the AI down, but whatever I try to do, they always eventually wipe out my colonies and monopolize the sector.

I agree with VoodooMike. The level seems out of place and I think it should have been in a "challenges" game mode or something instead, if included at all. As it is, I'm being forced to manually Unlock the levels so that I can get back to enjoying this game.

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This level IS possible to complete, through sheer trial and error. I just finished it. How? By watching the up to 5:45 in the youtube video that Andreyul linked.

After that point in the video, the stuff that happened diverged but I had a strong enough position that I was able to win anyway (Specifically, the center asteroid attacked /me/ instead of another enemy as seen in the video at 5:45, right after I'd planted the three trees, and they naturally managed to take the asteroid; ultimately, though, I was able to take the final big asteroid and then retake the lost asteroid, and then finally take the meat grinder asteroid, after which I took the couple holdouts where they'd eaten my lost seedlings).

The winning strategy appears to ignore the meat grinder in the center until last, and swoop on each large asteroid once it's been vacated (or near-vacated). Then immediately send a scout to reveal the lost seedlings. Then bring those lost seedlings up to hold / help hold the asteroid you've just taken. Plant all flowers immediately, of course.

The level will still be impossible to win if the enemy plants a defense tree before leaving their first asteroid. Luckily this happens right away and you can quit immediately when you see that happening.

So yeah, looks like this level can only be beaten if you know the strategy explicitly. And if the enemy doesn't plant a defense tree up front.

EDIT: Or maybe there is some room for error, for I found another strategy elsewhere (though I didn't try it, and it's for PS3):

18. Hide And Seek
Prepare to move all seeds to the asteroid in the upper right corner. When all brown seeds move in, move yours as well, don’t wait for the notification, that would be to late. Immediately build two defence trees, send a scout to the small asteroid up right, find some lost seeds and move all of them back to your new home. Build one Dyson tree. If you get flowers, build a mine, then advanced seeds. Brown will attack again, but you should barely defend your asteroid. Then send your mine (if you have one) repeatedly to every large asteroid. The explosion when it’s destroyed will kill quit a few seeds. Plant Dyson trees when you can afford it.
When green in the down right corner moves all seeds to attack someone else, send about 10 seeds to its asteroid, and when they arrive, instantly send them to the smaller one behind it to find more lost seeds. Use them to attack and conquer green’s (hopefully still deserted) asteroid. Your situation now should be secure enough to continue as usual. There are some more lost seeds to the left.
Link: http://www.ps3trophies.org/forum/euf...egy-guide.html

Anyone have luck with that on the PC version?

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There is no guaranteed strategy that will prevent you from failing this level - it comes down to some of the random choices the AI decides to make. Sometimes the AI gives you no time to set up on the first asteroid you take over (immediately up and right from the central one) and sometimes it gives you a long time.. sometimes those massive clouds of seedlings from other empires will rush the center or rush right to that asteroid you've occupied, sometimes they fight among themselves.

Even then, sometimes they leave your little discovered colony in the far upper right alone, and sometimes they don't.

The main issue I have is that you can do everything right and STILL lose the level, which I consider to be a bad set of choices in the design of this level. Almost every other level gives you free rein to complete in your own way and (for the most part) at your own pace, which is consistent with the concept of "environmental gaming".
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So far the people that beat this level got lucky. I have tried it several times using the EXACT strategy the winners used (there really isn't much options to try) but I do not get a laser mine fast enough.

But knowing that I am doing it correctly I will try until I get lucky with the enemy AI.
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Level 18 is a POS! If the AI builds a defensive tree on the asteroid to the right THE LEVEL CANNOT BE WON, if you leave too soon after the game says FLEE and the AI has not built any tree, they follow you and attack you even before you take over the asteroid and THE LEVEL CANNOT BE WON, if you leave too late you lose too many seedlings and THE LEVEL CANNOT BE WON. You have to leave at the correct time. Then if you make a mistake later in the level you die and must restart and try again.

Very frustrating.

PS I do NOT want to win it on "easy" mode.
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