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(fairly brief) Meet the Pyro idea

I wrote this as a post in a different thread, then figured I could just as well make a new thread about it. It's an idea for a MTP script, hopefully a somewhat clever one. I tried to keep it as brief as possible for your reading pleasure, and did for that reason not describe the action scenes. I'm imagining them as the flashback clips in Meet the Spy; Fast-paced action clips where the Pyro shows off his various skills by killing the enemy team classes one by one, with some nice choreography and funny details. If you guys like the general idea I could post a more elaborate and detailed version later. Welp, here goes:

Fade in on a calm scene of two or three BLU characters strolling in an idyllic lakeside meadow environment. Suddenly, they're ambushed by the RED Pyro. Screaming and violence ensues.

Cut to 'meet the team' screen.

Fade in on a RED spytech-style intel room. A RED Scout, Pyro and Heavy (in that order, from left to right) are positioned on red plastic chairs, guarding the intel and looking bored. They are all facing the camera. A table with a coffee maker can be seen behind the Heavy, and there's an air vent in the upper left corner of the wall. A few seconds of silence. The Pyro stands up and looks straight into the camera, then nonchalantly pulls off the mask and reveals itself to be a grandmotherly-looking kindly old lady. The Heavy and Scout look up, surprised.
Unmasked Pyro: Why hello there. Allow me to present myself. I am Mrs. Tiddlywinks, perhaps better known as the Pyro.
Cut back to masked Pyro. Another short action scene in the same meadowy environment. A fence and some garage-like buildings can be faintly seen in the background.

Cut back to RED intel room.
Unmasked Pyro: I was born in 1886, in a quaint suburban town in southern England...
Unmasked Pyro proceeds to chat on about her heritage and childhood.
Cut back to masked Pyro. Another action scene, now in a more obviously semi-industrial environment. Piles of tires, sheets of corrugated metal and such are abundant. Only the blue sky and distant birdsong hints that this is the same idyllic environment.

Cut back to unmasked Pyro. She keeps talking about her identity and life story in abundant detail. The Scout and Heavy are growing gradually more bored and less attentive.

Cut back to masked Pyro. It enters one of the conrete building and goes up a flight of metal stairs, while performing yet another action scene.

Cut back to unmasked Pyro. She is still busy explaining her identity. Scout and Heavy have now completely lost interest, and are lazily gazing straight ahead. Pyro gets up and moves toward the coffee machine, while still talking.

Cut back to masked Pyro. Yet another action scene, now in an office-like room.

Cut back to unmasked Pyro She pours herself some coffee, takes a sip, puts the cup down and continues talking.
Unmasked Pyro: ...So anyway, that's the story of how I moved to the badlands. This was in 1922, so it would naturally take a few-HAHA! Surprise, fat man!
Puff of smoke. Unmasked RED Pyro turns out to be the BLU Spy. RED Heavy goes stiff and falls face down on the floor with a knife in his back. RED Scout gasps, scrambles from his chair, and promptly get shot in the head and dies. BLU Spy elegantly blows the smoke from his revolver and holsters it. He then strolls over to the intel, casually picks it up and starts walking away to the left. He suddenly stops, and turns to face the camera again.
Spy: Ah, yes. I almost forgot. Do you want to know who the Pyro really is? It's a rather funny story. You see, the truth is that-
RED masked Pyro jumps out through the air vent in an explosion of plastic shards and lands by the BLU Spy, stiking a martial artist pose. The Spy briefly tries to escape/fight back, but gets violently killed over the course of a few second.

Cut to 'Team Fortress 2' screen with theme music.

Cut back to RED intel room. RED Pyro sits on the floor in the middle of the room in the 'Sitting Pyro' pose. The room is left in as much of a mess as it was before the ending screen: The corpses of the RED Scout, RED Heavy and BLU Spy are scattered around the room amongst intel documents, spilled coffee, overturned chairs and air vent splinters. The only sound that can be heard is distant birdsong.

Fade to black, The End.
Well, that's it. Any comments?
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