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Talking FIXED: Holiday Sale 2011 Gift: 1C Complete Pack - Missing games

Real Warfare 1 and 2 - Missing
Men of War: Vietman - Missing
Off Road drive - Missing
LOTS of DLC - Missing

The pack when it was on sale during the holiday had roughly 38 items listed iirc, including the above mentioned. The complete pack however in my inventory only lists 32, and is missing the above listed.

I am very disappointed in this, and am wondering if 1C or Steam is going to do anything to fix this? I want to unpack it, since Off road Drive and Men of War Vietnam are 2 games I was really looking forward to playing. But I don't know. I'm probably going to have to trade it now.

as someone posted in another topic:


Edit: Issue has been resolved. I will leave this topic open though for the next few days, in case anyone else had the same problem I did, so they can use the image above to send to support, and get it fixed.

Keep in mind, if you did have the same issue as me, if the problem gets fixed, you get exactly what was listed during the sale, which means no A.I.M. Racing or Streets of Moscow.

Owning both of those from a previous bundle I purchased, I can tell you Streets of Moscow is not worth it. A.I.M. Racing is decent, but also not worth it either. If you can get the original pack, do it!

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I acually got A.I.M. Racing and Streets of Moscow for few days after unpacking the gift. Then I lost it and they got replaced by other games (Real Warfare 2 and something).
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