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Achievement Suggestions

Just some new achievements that I thought of:

My Feet Never Touched The Ground - Complete a combat level without touching the floor (might need to check this one but I think it's possible).

Show Off - Get 3 multi kills and 3 speed kills in 3 different levels.

Rocketeer - Kill 3 enemies using the rocket flies in the same level.

Electrifying - Using volt, stun 3 enemies in the same level.

Who Needs Weapons? - Complete an orb essence attack level without firing a shot.

Brain Slayer - Destroy all the orb brains in a level using only the slayer weapon.

Shake It Baby! - Have 2 enemies stunned at the same time using the volt weapon.

No Flies On Me - Complete any combat level using the rocket flies only.

Tough Nut - Finish any combat level with 3 barkskins remaining.

Double The Fun - With a x2 multiplier active get 2 multi kills.

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