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Crashes, crashes... :/

Hello everyone!

This is yet another post about crashes. For me however, crashes are not random, they happen at a specific time.
A year ago, I played a campaign (GB or France, I don't remember), and eliminated Spain from Europe. That way, South America was divided in several states, rebels and Gran Colombia. And then, after a few turns, the game crashed whenever it was Gran Colombia's turn.

A few weeks ago, I started a new game, playing GB, and eliminating Spain the same way. And this time, both Gran Colombia and Mexico were created. Thing is, Mexico has a "buggy general" : I couldn't attack it, or the city of Mexico (the mouse clicker had the shape of a cross, for reasons I don't understand). That wouldn't have been so bad, but then a few turns later, the game starts to crash systematically when it's Mexico's turn.

So is South America cursed or what? And anybody knows any fixes? I've tried checking the integrity of game files, no change...
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