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Can you play without a joystick?

Can you play with a gamepad or just the mouse and keyboard or do you have to have a joystick? I have a microsoft precision sidewinder 2 which is probably ten years old. Would that work?
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if windows sees it and you can test its buttons in the control panel, you should be able to map its keys in game... BUT you should just go to amazon.com and get a Thrustmaster HOTAS-X stick. I bought mine about 2 months ago and it was only 30 bucks.

it has a separate throttle stick too so its cheap and perfect for flight sims. great quality, tons of buttons, and it allows you to join both parts or have them seperate so you could have a keyboard in between.
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You can. In fact very.

The thing is unless you have a complete HOTAS system with rudder pedal preferrably the simulation flight dynamics is too much to be handled.

So you'll most likely play with game flight dynamics while putting the avionics to realistic.

Game flight dynamics is not that gamey at all. I consider it flying as if the pilot knew how to handle the chopper so that I as the player can focus more on the weapon delivery and positioning instead fighting to fly all the time with cheaper joystick system.

This way it is a joy even to fly with keyboard.
And the game is even worth the 20 bucks.

Let me see,
Manual start up/take off mastery, check
Weapon employment mastery, check
Data link employment, haven't found the right time to test it. But I think I got it figured out.

The game is awesome. To a degree it is easier when you can click on the various buttons and switches in the cockpit as it means you do not have to remember a lot of funny hard to remember key shortcuts. Plus since it is realistic, the systems work following pretty much common sense steps. Of course having the cockpit labeled in English helps A LOT.

Don't forget to download the official training videos to learn the game.

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