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Our community is playing DEFCON this week!

Disclaimer: I hope this isn't viewed as advertising. We hate advertising just as much as the next guy and that's not the intention of this post. Rather, we'd just like to inform your community about an upcoming event within our community. If a moderator thinks this is advertising, feel free to take it down and I'll work with you guys to come up with something that isn't considered advertising. Thanks!


Hi there! I'm one of the moderators over on the Reddit /r/Playdate community. We are a community that collectively votes on and plays three games each week, often dead or inactive games. DEFCON was selected this week, which is why I'm here!

We'll be playing DEFCON for the duration of the week, with a special "focus time" on Friday, February 03, at 8:00 PM EST. Focus times are somewhat self-explanatory -- specified get-together times -- but click here for a thorough explanation.

Throughout the week feel free to swing by our Steam chat (direct link here) to see if anybody is playing, and also please provide any tips or advice you might have in this thread or in our discussion thread.

Finally, we may be creating our own server for the focus time, so if you could provide any tips on either developing a server or what makes/breaks a server, please post it in this thread or in our server planning thread.

Thank you! Let me know if you have any questions or comments on how our community operates.

PS. @DEFCON Staff: We want to make sure DEFCON has a great week at Playdate, so I'm posting this to various DEFCON outlets. If you guys would be so kind to put a little banner or motd somewhere that advertises that we're playing your game for the week, that would be absolutely superb. Please use http://bit.ly/wvqbn9 as the link because it contains useful traffic data.
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