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Originally Posted by Void(null) View Post
Game is brilliant, I played it before but I don't have the disk anymore and would love to buy it digitally but I'm wondering if it will run on my new rig with an i5 processor.

If they had a demo I could use to test if the game will even load it would be an instant buy.

Tests your computers stats against the minimum and recommended system specs. Worth a shot.
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It's best played with a controller, I thought it was good fun (in the same vein as Just Cause 2).
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This game is so, so much fun. The main storyline is great and you can decide yourself when to continue with it. Between those missions, you can just go around the city wreaking havoc, killing people, infiltrating military bases, destroying hives, doing the time trial missions, etc. There's a lot to do, and you're always rewarded with EP which you can use to upgrade your powers. And speaking of powers, they too are tons of fun. Not all are that useful, but there are many different ways to get things done and you just have to decide yourself what is most fun for you. It can get a bit repetitive, but since you eventually get ALL powers, the creativity is in your hands and you can always come up with new ways to take down a base.

The graphics and presentation are good where they matter; so the menus look slick, they explain very well how to do all the moves (and you definitely do not need a controller, it's very well optimized for keyboard and mouse) the fights and your powers look beautiful and there's gallons of blood and huge explosions. The city itself kind of looks the same everywhere and is not very detailed, but you'll find out that's not really important. The story is well told and the revealing cutscenes when you consume a person of interest are very well made. Voice acting is top notch.

To summarise, the game is what you make of it, it can be very easy, it can be quite hard. You wouldn't know this was ported from console, it's excellent on PC with keyboard+mouse. Most importantly, it's one of the most fun games ever, and definitely worth buying. It's a shame some people have technical issues with it, because it's always run perfectly on my systems.
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Once I solved the sound issues, the game was a lot fun to play. The only remaining things that make it feel like a bad console port is the combo controls. Trying to grab the primary target in a mission will make you climb a wall or lift a car because everything use the same button. Trying to attack a helicopter while flying will activate "Bullet dive drop" and fall down 3 meters where you get killed by rockets.
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Originally Posted by sabonis View Post
can someone tell me the highest resolution in this game please?
I've had zero problems with this game. I play a 1920x1080, voice talent and volume levels are stellar. Menus are easy to use and thorough, you have a lot of choices to level up, graphics are amazing. You do have to think through how to map you keys that's true but still a great game.
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It is not worth it. The game may or may not run on your computer and you will NEVER hear back from Valve or Activision.
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I had a lot of fun playing this game, no problems installing/running. The mouse movements felt a little clunky at first.
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If it works then I think it is worth getting. I suggest you "try" it before you buy it so you can be certain it works for you.
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I am loving the game so far. Now that Prototype 2 is almost here, it makes me want to play this one even more. I love the relentless power you have, running up buildings vertically, jumping and gliding, destroying everything in your path. It's a LOT of fun. I have the same audio problem, it's not a big deal, just turn your volume up a little and it's fixed. I had my doubts about this game and hadn't purchased it til the Christmas sale, but I'm glad I did. It's a lot of fun. The new one is going to be insane.
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Its written like by what appears to be special needs programmers. The "game" crashes constantly.
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Well I'm playing the game again coz I have a new 3d setup, and the game is great, runs like a dream with no issues what so ever :-)

I got it day-1 and it was still well worth it.
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i also got it shortly after release and had no issues with gameplay whatsoever. everything ran perfect and the game itself was pretty fun but i never finished it.

eventually the mission types became too repetitive and i lost interest, which - from the couple reviews i've read/seen so far - is still an issue in Prototype 2. regardless, i think i'll buy it when it's 75% off.
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It will be under 10 dollars at the end of year xmas steam sale. Consider it then and even still who has got the time to play what is essentially a "b" grade game, there is so much choice gamewise these days you have to be astute about what to spend your time playing.
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I'm sure the game would be fun if it worked. From my understanding with my issues, and other players issues, it seems like getting the game to actually work is pretty much a crapshoot. So no, not worth it. Perhaps if you see it for a $5 deal and don't care if you potentially lose that $5.
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No problems ever here. And the game is so great !
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