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Optimal Gamepad Advanced Settings

I'm using a gamepad with dual analog sticks. One stick uses the left/right axis for steering and the other stick is forward to accelerate and back to brake.

It took me awhile to figure out the advanced settings that work really well, so I just thought I'd share what I've come up with. These settings are listed in Main Menu>Options>Driving Options>Advanced.

Steering Deadzone 5%
Steering Saturation 100%
Steering Linearity 0
Acceleration Pedal Deadzone 10%
Acceleration Pedal Saturation 90%
Brake Pedal Deadzone 10%
Brake Pedal Saturation 90%
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Hey man, I was expecting someone could post their driving settings. Really, I was having a hard time with the default ones. I'll give them a try. Thanks!
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you need to make sure to make the game classify the pad as wheel", otherwise you will be severely understeering at high speeds, a "service" for pad users.

i always manually edited the option file. Be aware though that this also makes your car wobble all the time, especially those 400 km/h race cars.

This issue alone made me stop playing, i wish it could be fixed so i dont understeer and dont wobble.
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Originally Posted by Bague View Post
dont understeer and dont wobble.
Try digital control.
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