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Question What's the deal with "Network Hack"?

So I've been playing through the levels, some good, some not so good and have arrived at Network Hack where the difficulty curve seems to have gone up a sheer cliff.

Suddenly there are tanks everywhere and death towers killing everyting on my side. I'm told to capture nodes which I'm doing but by the time I've moved onto the second one, the first is recaptured. If I hang around, the wireframe of a tower appears at the node I'm on but nothing ever materializes. I have a tower upgrade I think, but when I use it the "tower" is about a foot high and doesn't seem to do anything. I can destroy the towers long range no problem but they're replaced in no time. Also, it appears that enemy tanks can simply bump bme off a node I'm capturing while I can't do the same to them, what's up with that?

Needless to say I'm very soon over run and my key is stolen promptly every time.

I've read the mission preamble, looked through the key bindings but I just don't know what I'm missing. Nothing in the gameplay upto now has prepared me for this.


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Focus on breaking down the enemy network by a long range charged shot. If you hit the base of the tower, you kill the tank instantly. That should give you at least some buffer for your tanks to progress against the enemy.

The tower is only created if you have another tank handling the node for you. The only reason you need to take nodes is to get an upgrade point.
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Thanks very much for the insight, I've now been able to pass the level.

It's certainly an interesting inversion of usual game logic. Instead of you being the one to capture the nodes and be the hero you play the supporting role to the AI. Once I started playing that way it all went smoothly.
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