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Note: Dr. Apocalypse mission

Found an annoying detail in this mission. Can't really call it a bug, since it could be interpreted as intentional. And can't call it an imbalance, since it does make sense.

Put simply, if you're playing the Dr. Apocalypse mission, don't make any sort of deal with Thanatos, the Rogue AI. If you do, you will not make it to 2200.

Ya see, pretty much the entire point of that mission is to be evil, and as a side-point, to completely ignore global warming and just make sure everyone's making money. Thanatos lets ya be evil, by giving you deniability for all the evil political cards you're playing like siphoning cash into your Swiss bank account, causing insurgencies, sterilizing people, etc. But there's a catch. Past +2.5 degrees of global warming, Thanatos could take it upon itself to declare the human race hopeless and release global Plague Gamma with no warning. Earth, Population 0. And since you've been ignoring global warming this whole time, it's gonna happen. And your auto-save is not gonna protect you.

Final score -15, bleah... :P Least I got an achievement out of it (population under 100 mil).
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I'm torn between "Wow, tough break" and "What did you expect?" It tells you to prove that humanity deserves to live, and you're busy re-enacting major extinctions. At the same time, it really sucks to find that one's game has been hosed beyond the power of the autosave function. On the other hand, shacking up with an evil AI is the sort of thing that should prompt you to save. On the other, other hand, suddenly turning the game unwinnable is not something one should have to defend against...

Yeah, I'll stop now. My sympathies.

The dev team probably can't take Thanatos out Dr. Apocalypse, either, since they say that the mission is also meant to be a sandbox.

But think of it this way: you made a pact with an inhuman monstrosity for more power. Power, when you already ruled the world! You wanted freedom from morality, freedom from the consequences of betraying your people. That was enough to make you hand the keys to the kingdom to Thanatos, thinking that you could control it. And for that you were usurped, eclipsed, cast down no different from the billions who died because you thought you were more than them.

This is pretty much the best send-off a supervillain could have.
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