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How do I stop this ?!

Using the Third age TW mod FYI.

Whenever I start up Kingdoms the intro music just keeps on going until the end of the bloody track, anyone know how to stop it?

The intro music I mean is this one:
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I have the same problem when playing Third Age, Call of Warhammer, and Thera mods. However I eventually hear an error beep then I can alt tab out and hit OK on the error (something about not being able to connect) and the music will go away. still annoying tho.
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The launcher is attempting to connect to servers,the problem is these servers have been shut down,so it just keeps running,eventually(on teutonic it stops just as he says "Lithuania faces" for me) it may suddenly stop and minimize the game,if it does not simply open task manager and end the process.The problem itself however is unavoidable.

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Just mute the launcher in the mixer, worked fine for me.
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