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Iridium Studios
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Troubleshooting the two annoying bugs!

So, rare as they are, there are two bugs that seem to inflict a minor number of users upon attempting to play Sequence...I have approximately 15 open bug reports on these two. A small percentage, but let's see what we can do.

Bug 1: The game crashes upon entering a tutorial. There is no music playing anywhere in the game prior, including on the start menu.

This bug is certainly related to Windows Media Player, which needs to be correctly installed and configured on a machine to work properly.

In Windows XP and Vista, Windows Media Player 11 is a standalone program; it can be uninstalled and reinstalled with no problem.

In Windows 7, however, it became an integrated part of the OS (now as Windows Media Player 12). You can only "disable" and "re-enable" Windows Media Player features, which can be done by going to the following:

Control Panel - Uninstall a program - Turn Windows features on or off - Expand Media Feature - Check/Uncheck Windows Media Player

Whichever of the above system configurations applies to you, go ahead and give it a shot.

Also known to cause this bug are issues with codecs...I've seen someone uninstall and reinstall certain codec packs, and it fixed the problem. No one has quite shared their exact steps here, so I'm unsure which ones would cause problems, but it's worth a shot.

Despite some significant research, I've been unable to pin down the exact .dll's and files that the XNA framework requires from Windows Media Player to include them in the install package...and that's assuming I'd have the legal rights to do so, which I may not. Still, I'll keep investigating and see if I can't permanently fix this one.

I will note that one user decided to fully reinstall Windows 7 to fix this, and it worked, but obviously that isn't an ideal solution.

Bug 2: When the game starts, no window appears. The Task Manager clearly shows Sequence running, but there's nothing on screen.

This one is very strange, and very difficult for me to debug. It was originally reported fixed by a user who allowed Sequence through his anti-firewall and online defender software, but persisted for other users despite no obvious barriers in security.

It appears to be related to system permissions: XNA's call to create a window isn't being honored, even though the code itself is running. One highly relevant aspect of the install process of Sequence is the addition of a registry key that enables Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode for Sequence.exe (located at steam/steamapps/common/Sequence). The reason behind this is long and technical and annoying, but essentially, without it, the game will "flicker" every few seconds while in Windowed Mode. It's certainly not an issue if you play fullscreen, as I imagine the majority of users do.

Some users have had success with fixing this problem by altering the installscript.vdf file also located at steam/steamapps/common/Sequence to prevent this compatibility mode flag from being enabled. I will note that you CANNOT simply uncheck the flag; if the installscript.vdf file is not changed, Steam will re-enable it every time you attempt to run the game.

Some users have tried to change the registry value to "WIN7", but this doesn't really make sense, as there is no "Windows 7 Compatibility Mode" in Windows 7. I would simply delete those first few lines, making the final installscript file as below:

"Run Process"
"HasRunKey" "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Valve\\Steam\\Apps\\ 200910"
"process 1" "%INSTALLDIR%\\dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64"
"command 1" "/q /norestart"
"IgnoreExitCode" "1"
"NoCleanUp" "1"
"HasRunKey" "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Valve\\Steam\\Apps\\ 200910"
"process 1" "msiexec.exe"
"command 1" "/i \"%INSTALLDIR%\\xnafx40_redist.msi\" /passive"
"NoCleanUp" "1"
"InstallScript" "5e64929c5f14eafc50b0f19c493e093189af5d1d1957460c7 e3d35f2d0f81690dd74ae7a6773284665ccafc0f970bc4d359 d54b651896e2356089e614e16ba05b11a0e72971c27d48c391 4b580032b0958ad55f68fd2173f72462cf71c45d9a6f7cc790 6a89bae626d8f6b22424fbe5865c00df77285d84be444b8774 7a4d2f0"
After you alter the file, you may need to go into the file and manually disable compatibility mode. Right-click on Sequence.exe and go to Properties, and Compatibility Tab, and disable compatibility mode.

Other users have reported that disabling compatibility mode WHILE the process is running via Task Manager has worked. Another way to try all this out without messing with a fancy-lookin' file above is to simply copy and paste the entire Sequence folder to your desktop and try running the executable directly from there...the registry value is linked to a specific folder destination, not your desktop, so compatibility mode should be disabled. Steam will still need to be running for this to work, however.

Other possibilities involved might be permissions as Administrator and UAC access controls. These are just guesses.

I do apologize to everyone having these issues. If you have any ideas or success, please let me know immediately. I'll be continuing to investigate over the coming days.

And, remember, you may immediately request a refund via PayPal at ANY time, simply by sending me a Private Message. Just let me know.

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ill try that whole thing about bug #2 atm i changed the log from win7 to the one to posted. and set the compatibility to win 7? or vista what ever the highest compatibility was. but right now its steam doing a first time start up and taking a while to install the net framework.

edit - I just got it up. it went to the bug #2 so i right clicked the .exe in task manager and set compatibility off. they made the game pop up into a window. going from there to see if i can edit somethings ingame to fix it?

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i guess i had bug #2 or a similar one. but simply reInstalling .NET framework 4 fixed the problem for me. or the pc restart did it. i dont know, but i hope i could help.

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As a note to anyone who may be running Windows 8, which *does* have a "Windows 7" compatibility mode, the correct entry in installscript.vdf would be "WIN7RTM", not "WIN7".

That being said, I haven't had any problems running it with compatibility mode disabled- so simply deleting the lines is probably the best bet unless you actually encounter an issue.

Either way will get rip of the annoying UAC pop-up.
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