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Since last patch I can't start RAGE

Not played for some time but after the latest update I cant start the game.

All I get is 1 second of noise then a black screen, (alt+tab show the main program suffers an appcrash).

WTF is causing this?

How do I remove all the current setting?
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Did you have an OpenGL dll in your rage directory? If so remove it, also try removing any custom rage configs.
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same for me TC. havent played after completing the game since launch either

just a black screen on launch. a millisecond of sound.

theres no opengl dll in the rage folder
i already tried deleting the rageconfig ini and it made no difference.

im going to try the latest nvidia beta drivers 295.51 iirc and see if that works.
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Same here, crash on every launch. going to try a reinstall although if that doesn't work I doubt I will miss it much.

Edit: 40 minutes later. Removed the game, reinstalled from the physical media, patched a few megabytes, launched from the steam panel, seams to work now.

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