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Level up massively without console command

I came across this in my relentless search for Ashen Gloves code..

On the quest for blood in Korcari wilds to become a Grey Warden:
1]Pick up the 3 blood samples, but do NOT loot the chest at the ruins with the old contracts for aid.
2]Go back to Duncan, initiate the dialog "we got the blood but not the contracts"
Your quest will be completed with Duncan saying -'go back and pick up the contracts'
You will then earn an average of 12% experience on the way to next lv.
3]Click on Duncan again to initiate the dialog, earn another 12%, rinse and repeat until sought for lv is reached.

I went from lv 4 or 5 to lv 13 ( my plan was to just make lv 10 and pick up Morrigan & Wynne before they spend too much points on junk but i got greedy)
I have read that it is possible to make it to lv 25 this way, which would involve around 180 initiations of dialogs with Duncan.
This is the obvious way to go for anyone wanting to solo the game..

ps If anyone has console code for Ashen Gloves please gimme
And a note: i donno if it is because of some mods i have, but i got the offer on Arcane Warrior at lv 10 or 12 here in Ostagar without ever having been to Brecilian forrest.

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That's a pretty cool trick. I'll have to try it if I ever decide to play origins again. Some would argue that it removes most of the challenge from the game but for me personally, it wouldn't prevent me from still enjoying the game's fabulous storyline. 180 iterations does seem quite tedious though but it still beats the time it takes to get there legitimately.
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