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Not super interested in the game but was wondering if Syndicate would end up on Steam just like Kingdoms of Amular did. Anyone heard any news on this?
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Supposedly Syndicate and Mass Effect 3 are going to be Origin exclusive. EA pretty much just lost two purchases from me for this very reason.
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Well I don't like this jarateing war between EA and Valve one bit. It's childish but I'm going to buy games I like from whomevwer I have to. Even Ubi-stupid gets sales from me when their otherwise great games drop below $5 to make up for their stupid unfriendly to legit customers on line all the time DRM.

EA isn't doing anything with their games that Valve isn't doing with theirs. Ya'll need to get over it. Does EA suck over this crap? Yes but it ain't going to change. You are of course free to opt out as you have stated you intend to do. You will be but a small part. If the players had stood up in the beginning with BF3 this wouldn't be an issue but they didn't. Just like the MW ho's that payed $60 for a PC FPS. They showed the companies could do what they wanted.

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...on the other hand, if you want non-FPS Syndicate, Mike Diskett who worked on the originals and was the lead on Syndicate Wars, is Kickstarting a spiritual successor called Satellite Reign:


Dystopian corporation-ruled cyber punk future where you have four agents to do what you will...
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