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Uplay games can be played in offline mode.

Or at least Assassin Creed series and Splinter Cell Conviction. There was also a list of which games would not really be affected and could be played at any time.

How many of you would still play those games every day after the release for the next 3-4 months? Not many.

How do I know this? Skyrim dropped from like 250 000 to 90 000 in just a week or two. One day or two of offline time isn't that bad people.
You STILL have the ENTIRE YEAR on you to play it to your heart content.

I also doubt pirates keep playing their pirated SP games that much too.

Information on VAC and our Steam forum rules. Please follow the rules, it ain't hard.
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Originally Posted by jeffreydean1 View Post
So you're telling me that since you've never had a problem with it, nobody else has. Wow. Good argument. It's brought up CONSTANTLY on this forum. It's one of the single biggest complaints the Steam software has against it for YEARS. But it obviously doesn't exist since YOU personally haven't had that problem. Your argument is almost as good as the one that claims that anyone who has problems with the buggy offline mode most be an idiot who knows nothing about computers despite the fact that people with years of IT and programming background simply cannot get it to work on their rig.

You remind me of those people who claimed that anyone saying Fallout New Vegas was buggy was an idiot or lying since YOU aren't personally having problems with it.
I wasn't implying that offline is bug free, i just don't know about issues with it coz it never have caused me any. No, people who has issues with offline are NOT idiots, fallout nv is buggy like all bethesda games.

Ps sensitive topic it seems
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Originally Posted by TheInsaneDump View Post
For all the people whining about this, they're just going to go right back and play these games as soon as they become available again.

I fail to see how this is a big deal, because this is the same thing that could happen to the likes of Steam, Origin, Xbox Live, PSN, and even the Wii to an extent.

Overall, server migrations are very common to boot.

I wonder how people would react if Steam had to do something like this instead of Ubisoft. I just think people are so quick to pounce on Ubi just because it's them.
Dump... the issue isn't an online activation, probably not even the fact that some of their titles require an always on connection (however asinine that is to me on a single player game).

The problem is that Ubishaft's support in the past has been nothing but shy of NONEXISTENT. Their infrastructure to support the gamers (and their always-on internet connection games) has been shoddy at best since their implementation of OSP/U-Play.

People have bought games in good faith believing that they will ALWAYS be available to them WHENEVER THEY WANT. This has not been the case BECAUSE of Ubishaft's poor aftermarket support.

I made the decision early on to not purchase any of their games at all, ever since they released OSP on Assassin's Creed II and Silent Hunter V. There were many games I would have bought (those two being among the many). But is it right for me to support a company that treats their CONSUMERS... their SUPPORTERS like crap... like virtual pirates???

No thank you. I voted and continue to vote with my wallet. I hope others follow suite and decide not to purchase ANY of their titles, whether it is for the PC, Console or mobiles.

Willpower people. Vote with your wallets!
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