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Support for Mouse Thumb Buttons using Logitech Setpoint

So there's no native support for the mouse thumb buttons (4 & 5), and after searching around people have advised to use Logitech Setpoint software for mapping keyboard keys to those buttons for Titan Quest specifically.

Mine looks a little something like this: http://i.imgur.com/yiEG1.png

As far as I'm aware this should work. My Mouse 7 button is configured to be (Shift + Ctrl + Tab -- tab switching in browser) and in the game it brings up the steam overlay (Shift + Tab). So I can assume that the game supports my mouse being more than 3 buttons, but I can't get SetPoint to remap the buttons to keyboard keys for the game.

I can only assume that Steam is somehow interfering with SetPoint knowing that I am running tqit.exe? Although when I run Task Manager, tqit.exe shows up as running and using the most RAM.

Anyone had success remapping thumb buttons for use in TQ?
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Mine works fine (mx518 SP 4.6 - only using old set point because i have the mouse poll rate unlocked)

you need to make sure that in the game detection settings, all the 'keep keypress/RL/other' check boxes are ticked.

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